The posts on this blog are from motion pictures from the Horror genre. Posts contain simulated violence made by the film industry.

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Anonymous: You should do a compilation of all of your favorite/ or least favorite horror movies.

I have actually been working on something similar to that.  It has taken longer than I thought that it would.  But, it should be ready to post soon.

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Rest In Peace Dick Smith.  The Godfather of make up.  

FREAKS promo pin. Unauthenticated.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
baby-wendigo: Heya, I'm a new gore/horror movie blog and I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much to ask if you could post this to spread it along? The URL is: baby-wendigo Thanks (PS. Love your blog!)

Thank you.  No problem.  

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Dracula (1931)

Ken Foree in Dawn of the Dead, 1978, directed by George Romero.